As you learn more about the nature of our business, you'll find that our infrastructure can be of an advantage to your own business. We've made it possible for both small, medium and large enterprises to re-stock in small quantities in the short-term. With delivery prices ranging from as low as Kshs 150, this option is ideal especially for SME's that are trying to retain good cash-flow and a healthy stock portfolio simultaneously.
New Digital Solutions 
You no longer have to waste time sitting in traffic rushing to purchase stock for your business. Products from major manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers can be purchased directly from our e-commerce platform even in small quantities and have them delivered to you at low cost in an hour within Nairobi.   
In some cases, we've helped eliminate the cost of rent for SME's which previously required permanent premises to conduct business. Due to our market friendly prices, we are enabling businesses move merchandise/goods to their clients on time through our reliable transport system.
Simple & Efficient 
Ever been in a situation where you need to kill two birds with one stone? You've probably been there before, Nairobi is crazy full of traffic, trying to drop off a document at the bank and still make it to the office meeting almost sounds impossible! Safaripay changes everything, you can go for the office meeting and let us drop off the document for you. We help you save time and focus on more important things while we cater to your day-to-day logistics. You can now conveniently send that item to your loved ones or use our service for your business needs with as little as Ksh 150.
COVID-19 has created a storm of disruption and prompted companies to think about what they must do to survive. Safaripay presents vast opportunities in e-commerce by digitizing businesses and helping them overcome challenges around infrastructure, logistics and secure payments. The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation to create a golden opportunity for B2B organizations, more than 35% of businesses have increased the use of online and mobile banking tools.
Remote selling has now become the norm. Preference for digital sales channels is almost thrice as high as before the pandemic. Our e-commerce ecosystem is B2B and B2C enabled, allowing consumers to buy from businesses and businesses to buy from manufacturers. For consumer protection, cash on delivery is enabled for all goods. Use our 2-step payment system to securely process mobile payments.
During a purchase, the payment is first deposited with us and will only be approved once delivery is made and the consumer is satisfied. If the consumer is dissatisfied, payment will be reversed and the product returned to the seller on the same day.
Reimagining Business Relationships

We have enabled small, medium and large retailers set up their own digital stores and go directly to consumers, product distributors and manufacturers. Digitization doesn't necessarily require any investment. Our digitization team is assisting businesses create digital stores and upload their catalogues, enabling them easily embrace a digitized ecosystem. Businesses must now capitalize on the next great opportunity by going digital.
Our dynamic e-commerce ecosystem is enabling businesses to replace face-to-face interactions. Traditional B2B sales cycles used to be long, tiresome and complex. Now, B2B customers are getting the same user experience as B2C customers when it comes to a speedy checkout process, flexible and trusted digital payment options and fast deliveries.