One of the main reasons that customers fail to buy online is delivery. Speed, convenience and cost is the most important for a customer. Our unique escrow payment system is helping businesses increase the purchase rate and retain more customers. Cash on delivery tends to boost the feeling of confidence and security for consumers while they shop. There have been so many cases where you order something but you get something else. Our escrow payment system was designed with consumer protection in mind.
Home Deliveries
Safaripay is the first hourly, home delivery service in Kenya. With drop-off points strategically located in Nairobi, our clients can access the most affordable, safe and reliable mode of delivery that allows them to send and receive packages on time. With instant SMS notifications and live tracking, our clients can monitor the movement of their packages and receive SMS alerts once the package is on the move.

How It Works

When a consumer purchases a product from the platform, an m-pesa transaction is initiated which allows the consumer to deposit the total amount into our account, the merchant will then receive an SMS notification. After the package has been wrapped and is ready for dispatch, the delivery team will pick it up from the merchant and deliver it to the buyer. Once the buyer receives the product, they'll first inspect it and if satisfied with the condition of the product, they'll login back to the platform to complete the payment. The payment will be transferred to the merchant. However, if the consumer is dissatisfied, they'll login back to the platform and cancel the payment which will immediately be reversed and the product sent back to the merchant.
It is impossible for buyers/consumers to lose money on our platform. Merchants are always encouraged to ensure product quality in-order to boost sales and receive positive reviews. Merchants who deal in sub-standard goods will have their business accounts deleted permanently. Our quick delivery system also means that merchants will get payment deposited in their accounts in less than two hours after making a successful sale. Our delivery system is designed to handle all types of packages. With delivery prices ranging from as low as Kshs 150, we help merchants focus on retail while we cater to their day-to-day logistics. Incase of a sales dispute, Safaripay will offer impartial mediation. 
The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the logistics sector and negatively distorted delivery prices. Safaripay's innovative delivery model has cut down transportation costs by over 60% to cushion enterprises from rising costs. Safaripay has deliberately refused to add transaction costs on products being sold on the platform in an effort to keep prices low for consumers. Merchants retain 100% of their sales.
Perfect Solution For SME's
Safaripay is the ideal choice for small and medium sized businesses. The CBD is our central operating area as we connect to other parts of the country.